About us

Traveling is not only about visiting some place and taking photos. It's more about experiencing the local culture, the local food, learning more about the lifestyle of local people!

My name is Stani, originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. In my junior high school student years I lived in Moscow for 3 years, growing up surrounded by the Russian culture and self confidence. Later I graduated Japanese university living in the unique country of the rising sun for another 5 years. Now I'm 24 years old, still live in Japan, and have explored 42 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Always when traveling I stay with locals, eat with locals and the most important - meet and talk with locals, which gives the amazing travel experience. With each my trip the number of my foreign friends and the things I learn from them increase incredibly and that's why I decided it's a time to share all of the tips and recommendations that the locals can give you. Take the advantage and listen to them, and experience deeply the local culture and lifestyle!