Hello World

   Everyone in this world is unique! And everyone, me and you, has something to share with
others. We might be driven by curiosity of exploring new places, by the hunger of learning
new things; we yearn to experience new cultures; we’re naïve and adventurous; we want to
share the most beautiful photos that nature and humans had created. Some love
mountains, some beaches. One likes summer vacations, another – backpacking, third -
architecture. This is what makes us extraordinary. But one thing brings us together – the
desire for traveling! And what I want to share with you is the joy, the lessons, and the most
important – the passion for a happy life!

   I launched “Travel With Locals” in 2017 with the ambition to make it helpful for those
curious like… Darwin! Can you imagine following him on Instagram: countless pics of
undiscovered creatures and plants? Or watching Marco Polo’s discoveries on YouTube?
There’s nothing left for the documentarists nowadays. But, there’s a lot on earth for us to

   I was paying for my domain for 4 years without making a single post! Crazy, right? I
thought I was busy. Till one day I encountered an online course at Cambridge: blogging and
writing for online audiences
. Daisy - a writer and the lecturer with the most useful and
encouraging advices - lighted my sparkle. And this is what we all need: to get our passion

   Whether you read my travel stories on Facebook, or like my Instagram photos, or plan
your next trip here on my blog, I want to tell you this: Enjoy your life, wherever you
are, whatever you do