Nankay All Line 2 Day Pass

Nankai All Line 2 Day Pass

Nankai railway runs between Osaka, Kansai Airport, Wakayama city and Koya-san. The pass costs only 2,100 yen if you buy it after arriving in Japan or 2,000 yen when purchasing in advance online. Here’re some examples of a single ticket from Osaka to: Kansai airport - 920 yen, Wakayama - 920 yen, to Koya-san – 1,260 yen.

In order to purchase the pass you need your passport. You can buy it online or at the following stations: Nanba, Shin-Imamiya, Tengachaya, Sakai, Izumisano, Rinku-Town, Kansai Airport, Sakaihigashi. If you booked online, you can take your pass only at Nanba station or Kansai Airport.

Nankai Railway has many other discount tickets. For more information visit: